Saturday, April 23, 2011

Pour Habit - Got your back

  So I just got my copy of Pour Habit's new cd "got your back." My friend Matt Mintz-plasse (who's younger brother is Chris who played 'Mclovin'" in Superbad) is best friend's with the lead guitarist and got me into them back in 2006 when we saw them in downtown hollywood to a small audience. They were awesome and I knew they would get signed. Strung Out (who I get guitar lesson's from) helped them get signed to Fat Wreck-Chords. Their first cd was mainly punk / hardcore with guitar solo's and the album was really good. Their original name was 'half-white' because 2 members are white and 2 are black but they didn't want to draw attention that way. Anyway, with their new album they kick it off with the metal 'dead soldier's bay.' They also go onto experiment with their usual punk / hardcore elements in songs like east 69th and heads of state. Then they show some ska, reggae and some flemenco. This album is a step up from "Suiticide." Their first album. I give this album an A and can't wait to hear what comes next from this up and coming group.

Thursday, December 2, 2010


 Apparently based on true events, this movie is about a conducter of a train who messes up and get's off the train to try to fix the problem but does not make it back on the train on time so the train starts accelerating to about 70 miles per hour carrying explosive material. The other part of the story stars Denzel Washinton and Chris Pine (from Star Trek.) Washington is a 28 year veteran and Pine is new on the job. They are conducting a train and make several attempts to stop the train before it hit's a major town and could kill many lives. This is a well acted movie with smart dialogue. A pretty intense movie. Not much more to say without giving away too much.
Grade B+

The final destination

 The fourth installment in the series. Very predictable since it follow's the same rules as the previews three. I don't think I remember any of the character's names. It starts out at a race track and one of the guy's has a premonition of a crash that's going to kill alot of people. He get's his friend's out in time but then they start to die one by one. Same plotline as the original three and probably the worst one. Some cool death scene's but that's about it. The acting ,of course, was not good at all and the dialogue was somewhere just above the line of mentally challenged. If you're into these movies then see it just because. For me it was a waste of 78 minutes of my time.
Grade: C

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Avenged Sevenfold

Too early to think so I'm just going to do a rundown of my favorite bands cd's
Sounding the seventh trumpet: A- (Favorite song): "Darkness Surrounding"
Waking the fallen: A "Second Heartbeat and Eternal rest
City of Evil: A+ (Favorite cd of all time) "Beast and the Harlot and The wicked end"
Avenged Sevenfold (Self Titled): B+ "Scream and Afterlife"
Nightmare: A "Nightmare and Buried alive"

Friday, November 26, 2010

My screenplay

I'm gonna start a screenplay about my life from when I was 16 till now (24.) Since my life wasn't that interesting for a tv show it will be very exaggerated but based on SOME true event's but mostly not. Basically just inspired by my life's experience so take it with a grain of salt if it ever see's the light of day or I post it here or facebook or something. I'm going to make it way over the top and hopefully funny since my highschool years till now have been mostly dramatic. That said ive already started scene 1.

Get him to the Greek

An almost sequel of said sort's to "forgetting Sarah Marahshall." It stars Jonah hill who is in the music business and must bring a rockstar (Russel Brand) from London to L.A. for a reunion concert that could save his career. Aaron Green (Jonah Hill) must take care of him because of the rockstars crazy life. He must keep him above sober but just under "Fucked up." This task is quite the challenge for Aaron. They barely make their already re-rescheduled flights due to the rockstar's lifestyle of drugs, sex and rock n' roll. Aaron ends up getting fed up with the rockstar and the hardcore partying as he has been doing most the drugs the rockstar has to keep him from getting too messed up to perform his duties as said rockstar. This happens over a 72 hour period. Then the movie get's alittle more serious but I won't say much more without ruining it. That aside this is one of the funniest movies I have ever seen. I highly recommend it to fans of comedy. I even think it was way more fun then "The hangover."
Grade: A

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Harry Potter and the deathy hollow's part 1

Just witnessed the new Harry Potter movie. If you're and experience J.K Rowling reader (or movie seeker) then you will know that this movie is a very different movie then the previous ones. This is part 1 of 2. Wasn't very rushed as some previous films but a few scenes (such as the wedding scene) still was alittle rushed. But most of the movie was spot on from the book. Harry, Hermione and Ron set off to defeat Voldemort by destroying several parts of his soul scattered throughout several places. Since the character's are older, more drama becomes of this. As they are no longer 11 but around 17, more drama recides. Not my favorite Potter movie. Favorites were 2 and 4. But still worth seeing and can't wait for the finale.
Grade B+